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New and Revised Articles

Added CQWW Contest Committee update of January 18, 2010 announcing that the SO/SOA distinction will be maintained in CQWW.

Added K3NA's Transmit audio adjustment

Added N2IC's N1MM Logger Sprint Tips

Added K3NA and W2VJN's article on VP6DX receiving antennas

Added W1WEF's A simple approach to SO2R

Added K7NV's Guyed tower study

Added Wisdom from CQ-Contest

Added extensive data on U.S. aluminum tubing sizes and sources - seeking more local sources in various areas, as well as corresponding information on European and other sizes and sources

Added CQWW Contest Committee updates

Added Two-radio event signatures by CT1BOH and VE5ZX

Added Wind load calculations by K7NV

Added Guy cable data by K7NV

Added a link to "Why Do People Cheat" by Drake Bennett.

Added K3NA's Setting receiver gain controls

Added AA5AU's Getting started on RTTY

Added Ten commandments for contesters

Added ZS6AA and N4ZR articles on SO2R station design

Added LZ9W to Stations

Added N6LF article on a 3-element 160-meter vertical array

Added new sections to the Table of Contents for Digital and UHF/VHF contesting - waiting for content

Our goal is suitably modest - we simply want to collect all the world's good information about amateur radio contesting and make it accessible from a single portal.

If you're a new contester, or just curious about what this ham radio contesting thing is, we suggest you start with these articles:

Then either come back here or follow any of the links there that interest you. Some of them will take you outside this Contesting Compendium but you can always use the back arrow to come back here. Enjoy!

If you're already into contesting, the next logical question is, "Will you help us make it happen?" Please check out our brief Mission Statement.

Look over the Table of Contents for details about the scope of the project, How to Read/Browse to see what is already here, and the How To Contribute page when you decide you might be interested.

Keep checking in with us. The Compendium will get better and better.

Welcome aboard!

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